What Cinic Media Does

Take a closer look at some of the more recent projects Cinic Media has been involved with. Feel free to get in touch if you think there's a way I can help you reach the people you want.

In addition to writing, editing and photography, Cinic Media can also create your press releases, advertisements and other printed material, constructing your business identity and translating technical documents and improving employees' English-language skills.

Here is a selection of work samples.


Articles, photo galleries, audio, podcasts

World News: US enters murky legal waters as drone use increases

Science & Tecnology: Deadline looms for Germans to blur homes from Google Street View

Science & Tecnology: Cologne aims to establish status as an Internet city

Faces of Germany
The welfare recipient: Uwe Mayer from Stuttgart (text, photos, audio)

Gesichter Deutschlands
Der Sozialhilfeempfänger: Uwe Mayer (Text, Bilder, Audio)

Business: Critical Issues of Globalization

Podcast: Planet Blog: Alternatives to searching with Google

Podcast: Planet Blog: How to be polite online

Environment: Myriad climate talks necessary to reach any deal

Technology: Seacom project to increase affordable Internet access in Africa


Project involvement

Deutsche Welle: The BOBs- International Blog Awards

Deutsche Welle: Future Now



Me and her and her